Chaucer College, Canterbury

Thu, October 11th, 2012 at 9:17 AM

Chaucer College was established in 1992 by Mr Hiroshi Kawashima, the Founder of the Shumei Group in Japan. Together with its sister college, Kingsgate (Broadstairs), it welcomes Japanese high school and university students. The majority of Chaucer students spend the first year of their four-year Japanese university programmes in the UK.

Typically, they study Business Administration, Tourism Management, Teacher Education or English & Information Technology.The Shumei ethos stresses the importance of international co-operation, and Chaucer College, an educational charity, aims to fulfil this in part by encouraging the students to become involved in community outreach (school visits, participation in local festivals, college events for the general public) and volunteering.

The college has supported the Festival every year since it was launched in 2006, and we very much hope that you will enjoy the taste of Japanese culture that they offer you.

Phoenix Feather School of Tai Chi

Thu, October 11th, 2012 at 9:14 AM

Phoenix Feather School of Tai Chi was set up in 2008 to promote Chen Style Tai Chi in Kent.   The School received a warm welcome and now offers a variety of Tai Chi classes in Folkestone and Canterbury.

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art.  Its aim, is to create a well rounded individual with a relaxed, yet alert mind and well toned body.  This ancient practice offers a multitude of health benefits: increased energy, improved focus, stronger immune system and reduced stress levels.  Regular Tai Chi classes help to improve your health and achieve more by focusing mind, body and spirit.

To find out more visit our website or simply call Anna Dashwood 01304 205 405 / 07736 84 91 94