Beach Hut Readings

Sadly we have no immediate plans for another poetry day but welcome initiatives from pro-active individuals and organisations.

This is from 2014….

Anyone passing by Beach Hut Number One, Folkestone between 11am and 3pm on Saturday 31st May 2014 was treated to poetry readings by acclaimed writer George Szirtes.

George Szirtes is a poet and translator who has published some 40 books and has won major prizes for both his own books and those he translated. Reel (2004) won the T S Eliot Prize and both his collections since then, most recently Bad Machine (2013), have been on the Eliot shortlist. He has also written for children and on visual art.

He was joined by local poet Leah Thorn who is an artist/activist. She frequently performs in collaboration with dancers and musicians and her work is published through performance, film, anthologies and magazines in England and the United States.


The Beach Hut Readings is being organised by local writer Helen Thomson.  Helen has recently published her first novel ‘Stolen Destinies’. As well as novels she writes short stories and local interest books.

Joining George and Leah were other local poets and readers included Folkestone Festival Committee member Cath Mison with ‘The Lonely Beach Hut’

I’m just a lonely beach hut down here by the sea
People just walk past me they don’t even take any interest in me.

I’m all tattered & torn
My blaze of colour is all battered & worn.
I leak & I creak
My structure is old & weak.

I’m totally broken down
Isolated here in Folkestone town.

Once I was bold & hot
Hundreds of Victorians use to flock.
My doors were opened wide
Royalty even came inside.

I waved off all our troops
With buzzing bunting on my roof.
Those flags then turned to tears when those boys never returned over the years.

But still I soldiered on
With a host of colourful throng
My walls covered in buckets & spades
Entertaining with strawberries, scones & fresh lemonade.

The 60’s came and hey man that was a blast
Free love & space cakes
We had such a laugh

The psychedelic 70’s with platforms & flares
Still masses of people without any cares.

Then there came a lull
You could even call it a cull.
I was at a all time low
When up popped regeneration
And once again I was embraced by the nation.

And here we are today
On this beautiful golden day
Surrounded with poets & writers
And other barmy Folkestone blighters

Bringing once again history to my door

When you get home tonight & you sit down in your chair
You will remember this lonely beach hut down by the sea
She will be thanking you for
Taking an interest in me.

Cath Mison
31 May 2014